English Camp (English)

English Camp (English)


it’s great to see you here, because that means, you are interested in our English Camp. To let you know what English Camp is about, here’s what our invitation for our campers (originally in German) looks like:

„Du ju spiek Englisch? (German phonetic for: „Do you speak English?“)

No? You have no clue what your English teacher is talking about, but you always wanted to know what your stars are singing about? Then we’ve got something for you:

Every year in the summer holidays of Saxony we organise the ENGLISH CAMP. Ten full days with German teenagers, German and English staff members, and a lot of fun.

In the morning there will be English lessons in small groups in a casual atmosphere. The goal is to get into conversation and to experience without pressure how well you can communicate in English. In the afternoon you can check out several workshops (music, theatre, sport, several other creative things…).

Most of the afternoon will be filled with activities, in which we will compete in several teams and games. In the evening there will be a program with music and interesting talks.

The campers in your room you will form a small group (Kleingruppe), where you can get to know each other more and more, talk about God, the world and simply have a fun time.

You will also enjoy some funny theme days, a day trip with a lot of action, a Sunday service in the afternoon with friends and parents, a huge barbecue, bonfire, movie-night and so much more.

Interested??? Then sign in and join us!“

That already tells a lot about the camp. But what would it mean to be a staff member at the camp, especially as a native speaker? You will find the information in our Staff Folder. We hope you get inspired to get in contact with us and eventually join us.

We are so thankful for everyone who serves along with us and we are really excited that you are interested in our English Camp! Every year we are deeply impressed about how God puts together His team, how He uses everyone to make a great difference for the campers and how He lets us grow spiritually in ways we couldn’t have imagined before.
The costs you see in the flyer are what we pay at the center where we’ll stay. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t afford this. We will surely find a way.

If you have any further questions or if you are interested in getting involved just contact Daniel Kümmling, who will lead the camp and looks forward to hearing from you.