English Camp (Staff)

English Camp (Staff)


it’s great to see you here, because that means, you are interested in our English Camp. If you haven’t seen already you should definitely get some impressions of what English Camp looks like in our Trailer:


That's what volunteers say about serving at EnglishCamp:

„I love the spiritual atmosphere of the camp! There's always someone to pray with 🙂 The worship was wonderful, and the project videos were my highlight. I also loved praying with the campers after.“
- Jeremy

Being at Englisch Camp [...] made me realize how extraordinary the community was because it is about bringing joy to others and being valued. I especially noticed it during the project in which I performed as teacher: Everyone's contribution was valued by the others and through supporting and improving each others‘ ideas [...].

English Camp is a place where I experienced God's unconditional love and acceptance through the community of staff and campers. Everyone was so incredibly kind and supportive, and made me feel welcome and appreciated. English Camp was a place where I could be myself, where my talents were recognised, and where I felt like I could make a difference.
⁃ Isabella

English camp has a very special place in my heart. The way everyone interacts, staff members as well as campers, is so loving and it's like we are one big family [...].
I really enjoy the time at English camp and am looking forward to being back next year!
⁃ Claudia

If you have specific questions, you may find them answered here in our FAQs:




If you have any further questions or if you are interested in getting involved just contact Daniel who look forward to hear from you.

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